Monday, 9 May 2011

The Prussians Are Here!

As of May, a new 1:35 Walkerloo Print-fantry regiment is ready for download and DIY manufacture at WargameVault. Painted after the 1st Silesian Landwehr who were in action against Napoleons Guard Infantry at Plancenoit at Waterloo. Although I'm not yet selling 1:20 scale Prussians I may send out A4 pdf's for DIY construction to personal e-mail requests so you can add them to your battles.

Campaign 2011. Real-Pretend-War & Pretend-Real-War.

Last weekend Walkerloo went on campaign. We tore through France and across the Alps into Italy to array our forces before the public in a hill town called Cherasco. In 1796 commanding his first army Napoleon fought a series of battles forcing the signing of an armistice on the Sardinian/Piedmontese Army in Cherasco whilst pushing the Austrian army further east.

As well as Walkerloo the town invited over 500 historic reenactors who bivouacked about the town and waged a spectacular pretend battle through the streets for several hours - the last time I came so close to horseman charging across pavements was outside 10 Downing Street on the Criminal Justice Bill march of 1994!

My real pretend war is different from the reenactors pretend real war but we do share an intention of promoting history though the creation of an entertaining spectacle and I think we all hope to achieve some meaning by the spectacles creation.

I deployed several hundred toys soldiers in the Piedmont region and estimate to have enabled a further 50 'you-walkerloo' photo conscripts in photo albums etc.

Campaign Tactics. For over a year we have been hosting 'couch surfers' at our home base in Normandy. Our Italian Campaign was the first time we became 'hosted' couch-surfers the experience was fascinating, warm and rewarding. In each of our host's homes I left behind a small garrison of toy soldiers. I also know there are already several 'Full Walkerloo's' with collectors in Italy - Grazie per tutto - the real pretend war begins in Italy!