Friday, 11 September 2009

My Dream Job Dream...

Whenever I'm doing physical work I find my self overlaying a fictional narrative. Of course my narratives are usually militaristic. When I'm a painter and decorater the most tedious work is stripping wallpaper. However as the steamer plate becomes my sheild and the blade scraper my sword time passes more funly, perhaps quickley. I'm a Hoplite Housecarl battling against infinite ranks of Persian immortal Norman knights..

When I began to dig over the weed thick ground for my vegatable garden the task seemed immense. However as the rectangle patches of the dug earth grew I imagined them army columns advancing across the plain. I made a quick picture trying to embody this fantastic narative and e-mailed it to friends.
8 years ago after the 9-11 attack I drew this picture after working in the garden. It desribes the horror and incapacity I felt whilst I moved rocks about the garden.