Thursday, 11 February 2016

New Forces with New Faces

Early 2016 and two new regiments are added to the Walkerloo base on Wargame Vault. Primed for world wide digital dispatch are Napoleon's Guard Polish Lancers and foot gunners of the British Royal Regiment of Artillery.  Each unit's creational motivation was boosted with the inclusion of YouWalkerloo portrait troopers, these paintings, now the property of their patrons.

You too can fight at the Battle of Walkerloo - new regiments are always recruiting.  Details on my website.

2015 was the bicentennial year for the Battle of Waterloo.  Note no 'Battle of Walkerloo' blog posts were recorded that year and only one Napoleonic flavoured regiment, the 5th Belgian Light Dragoons were deployed.  However 2015 also marked the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.  A unit of English Archers inspired by that battle were posted on the wargame vault.

2015 also saw the release of a new StarWars movie 'The Force Awakens'.  According to Wikipedia 250 Million dollars were spent promoting the film but it's supposed cultural significance made news media giddy.  It was widly reported throughout the worlds independent press.  Star Wars toys advance.  I have my work cut out,,, cutting out soldiers... have you?