Friday, 8 April 2011

Artiste-Ouvrier, 'Nostalgie Du Futur' Book.

Walkerloo friend and ally Artiste-Ouvrier has recently had a book published on his paintings. For the past two years he has taken the battle of Walkerloo to the streets, to the art galleries and now les libraries du France, Amazon and the world! You can buy the book here, on, it's a little gem. Since my declaration of war we have been working ever closer in the fight with the mega corp toys.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Warden Of The North

Halifax Citadel

A large toy soldier force is newly deployed in the Halifax Citadel. It gives Walkerloo a vital strong point on the North Eastern Coast of the Americas. The Fort over looks and protects the port town and is known as the 'Warden Of the North'. With Black Watch Infantry, French 5th Lancers and RHA 9lbers it has aggressive capability. Although perspective can distort the scale of things over long distances this picture has some accuracy.

Walkerloo deployment to TreeFrog Treasures in Minnesota is on hold although a forum presence is being quietly maintained, I think of it as a Midwest consulate.

A small Walkerloo force has also been sent to the Musée Militiare du Périgord in the Dordogne.

The war against the Mega Corp toys continues. Intelligence photos below show a battle which was fought between Walkerloo Toy Soldiers and StarWars Lego around a little boys bedroom in the North of England. No further information is so far available.

starWalkerloo 800

An historic battle was fought this weekend in Caen, Normandy. A great strategic victory for Walkerloo Toy Soldiers was the result. A total of 10 cornflakes boxes were captured, but not regular cornflakes boxes, they were 'carrefour' cornflake boxes. 'Carrefour' meaning 'crossroads' in French gives the victory even greater strategic importance. The epic event was captured on film, details will follow.