Thursday, 22 July 2010

Walkerloo Reported

I've not yet sought reportage for Walkerloo but It has been reported upon. The first media blip was an article reporting my successful loan application for the toy soldier armies creation in Ouest France. After showing Walkerloo at a few Toy Soldier shows modest reports appeared in the metal and plastic dominated 'Toy Soldier' press. Then after the editor of 'Military Illustrated' chanced upon my display at Leadenhall Market he penned an article supporting my soldiers in his magazine.

Last summer I entered a local entrepreneur competition... a short film was made about walkerloo by 5050TV.

Upon seeing this film we had more interest from Ouest France and a front page picture and story in La Presse De La Manche, which in turn prompted a Normandie TV report on Walkerloo and an article in the Norman Advertiser - an English language News paper.

Walkerloo is now at war with all plastic toys derived from movies and television. To wage this war effectively I must begin to engage the enemy in the media - it is from here they launch their constant barrage against us. To co-ordinate my media assault I have created Walkerloo Information & Propaganda - WIP.

Keep your eyes peeled for future WIP productions - if you would like to help in the war propaganda contact