Wednesday, 24 November 2010

On The Normandy Beaches

The phoney pretend war is well under way, the real pretend action is not far behind. I present this short film by myTHself: Christopher Director, Christopher Editor, Christopher Actor etc. for WIP (Walkerloo Information and Propaganda). Witness how much action and fun my armies can inspire even in training - and thanks to my wife for putting up with my front of camera direction.

I liked the toy story movies - right through to number three... But a good movie is no excuse for the continents of plastic pap the films characters were attached to - they are licensed to overkill. Ever since StarWars the bond between movies and the manufacture of 'toy' merchandise has been thickening, now it is one leviathanic beast writhing and gorging through popular culture. It has vanished the manufacture of it's suffocating spume to far off slave factories, we profit from it's mass retail and consume it like a poor religion.

My army of ethically constructed paper soldiers are a spear head that I thrust deep into the belly of this beast. History is the copyright-free romantic narrative, and through its exploration and interpretation we gain self knowledge!

I understand with the spread of industry there comes the promise of the spread of wealth. And we must be maintained. My Walkerloo die cut card army is not yet independent. Napoleon showed the best way to maintain a massive army is in the field - but mostly in the fields of your allies and enemies. My army would also benefit from wider deployment in the fields of allies and enemies. Become my ally! or even become my enemy... buy my toy soldiers or make them up your self for free but play battle with them!!


I have begun painting re-enforcements. The battle of Walkerloo is spreading to new genres. Painting takes time, in buying my army you help doubly in the cause - I am freed from painting houses to make more pictures and the army is deployed to new theatres and areas of fun play operation!

The provider for myTHself is currently Christopher Worker. He's a skilled and reliable house and office decorator - He can paint in the regular 'modernist' style and work with you on subtle colour selection. For the inspired client he's also happy to 'mural-ify'... believing abstract expressionism to be wasted in bank foyers and public galleries Christopher Worker enjoys exploring the decorative and complex effects of 'action painting' in homes. Ornament isn't a crime says Christopher Worker, its a more interesting proposition than painting a wall white.

london-no3 a hallway For his Rock n Roll Roomlondon-no2 construction