Sunday, 1 August 2010

Global Strategic Deployment

The deployment of forces is critical to any wartime strategy. Walkerloo Print-fantry Elites have been available for free at since December 1st, 2009. Using Google spy technology I estimate they have been downloaded by more than 2000 people around the world. I seek picture evidence confirming this intelligence.... could you provide it? Send pics to

A Walkerloo Print-fantry base has also been established at War Games Vault. Here 12 different Walkerloo regiments are ready to download, print-out and makeup. I've re-arranged the soldiers over 26 new A4 sheets at 1:35 scale. Full make up instructions are included in the download. Become a walkerloo micro-manufacture facility and don't stop making soldiers until your fingers become sore, you can be your own gang-master-slave-driver! hmmm... If only poor working conditions were such a novelty in toy manufacture...

My original die cut card toy soldiers are also continuing their deployment... new distribution hubs include the Regimental Museum Shop at the Halifax Citadel, in Canada, Sierra Toy Soldier Co. in California and Busybee Toys in Australia - The Battle of Walkerloo is Global!

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