Friday, 23 November 2012

WAR&PEACE, christopher.

In February 2012 I was approached by the editor of a children's book publisher from Moscow.  Following negotiation by April I was very excited and ready to sign* a treaty for the production of a new toy soldier army with the publisher.

The treaty gave the publisher the exclusive rights to produce and sell toy soldiers made from my Waterloo inspired pictures throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.  It also contained a commissioning agreement for me to make a new series of pictures based on the 'Great Patriotic War of 1812' sic. which they envisaged would also soon become a brand new toy soldier army on sale in Russia.

In the agreement I surrendered the local strategic control of this new eastern toy soldier force but I was to be acknowledged as its creator and maintain control of my picture making process i.e. decide the poses and choose the historic units for the paintings that would become the new army.


The initial plan was to have the army made in Latvia and the first part of it, a second edition of my Waterloo inspired pictures, ready to advance East by June 2012, exactly 200 years after Napoleon moved east on his Russian campaign of 1812.  Although unconfirmed this initial force was to be about 600,000 toy soldiers strong, which is on a par with the 'numbers' of Napoleons 1812 invasion force.  Circumstantial resonance sustains and enthuses my picture making.  A cool promotional video was released by the Russian publishers in May showing my original toy soldiers in pretend play action.  Although no reference is made to my real enemy it does show my toy soldiers in action.

The new Borodino inspired pictures were to be ready in time for the Bicentennial commemoration of the battle, which was the terrible climax of Napoleons campaign.  The schedule was tight but my commitment to the production of the new paintings was total. Working all the hours I could the new pictures approached readiness by the end of July 2012.  Alas military campaigns in Russia are notoriously difficult.  The first toy soldier army was produced according to plan but there are 'issues' that have postponed the production of the new army, although the new paintings are ready :


As well as their own website, this 2nd edition of the Waterloo inspired toy soldiers are right now fighting it out with the Mega Corp toys on the high-streets of Russia.  However to date it is proving difficult to re-enforce their position with the new Borodino inspired toy soldiers.

But there is hope for re-enforcement!  The first Borodino Walkerloo Print-fantry units are now available to buy, download and DIY make up; at WargameVault ; and soon-ish I hope on


I urge you to support my campaign and purchase the pictures for yourself.  Make them up into beautiful massed armies of paper soldiers and take the fight to the floors!

*(The signing was captured on digital video for posteriority. Happenstance had 2 Swiss couch surfing journalist students staying with us that weekend - I invited them to make an impromptu press conference after I signed the agreement - they were a little bewildered but decided on a few questions, a link to the film will be up next week, don't get excited, it is what it is... a video document of a document signing...)

The Plastic Mega Corp Toys that are the sworn enemy have once again consolidated their command.  In Nov 2012 Disney aquired the rights to the StarWars cultural commodity and in doing so extended it's influence over global mythology deepening it's controlling reach into the world’s popular escapist imagination and the toys that embody it.  But my secret intelligence has revealed a 'Point Faible'.  In the tongue of the enemy 'An analysis of the plans provided by Princess Leia has demonstrated a weakness in the battle station.'  I am now developing a strategy that will endeavour to exploit this weakness. For further info on the enemies consolidation: Bloomberg; Yahoo; and Mr.Lucas interview.
 ***NOTICE END***  

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