Thursday, 2 February 2017

A Global Walkerloo Print-Fantry Presence

Thank you!  I'm continually grateful for all the mailed reports on Walkerloo Print-fantry in action. They boost moral and help me understand my wider strategic position on the globe consequently informing Walkerloo's future.  Below are digital photos included in a few of those reports.  YES! that is a 1:20 scale Brunswick Lieb-Battalion firing line and Belgian Light Dragoons and French Caribiniers (- both types) and look out for 1:32 scale Polish Guard Lancers (the officer is my big brother) about to confront Russian Hussars!

Peter's Walkerloo Army Of The Rhine, near Frankfurt, Germany

Steve's Walkerloo Fusilier Columns in Australia

Leonid's Coldstreamers and Russian Infantry, St.Petersburg Russia

Howard's Walkerloo Borodino forces in the USA

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