Friday, 26 July 2019


'Napoleons Hussar's 1815' are in position on the WarGameVault ready for immediate purchase & worldwide digital dispatch!

The original pencils for this unit go back to February 2016 but it was not until May 2019 that the paintings were begun.  For extra power I wanted this unit to be fully 'You-Walkerloo' so each figure is a portrait soldier.  My neighbours and their young sons modelled for the dismounted skirmishers and via Facebook I recruited participation of some old good friends for the mounted troopers.  But how was I to choose which of Napoleon's Hussar regiments to depict - they all have such fantastic colour combinations!

The exclusive decision was averted when I realised the Battle Of Walkerloo needed a new specialist army.   Wishing to achieve enhanced internet capability I have begun a fantasy-historical 'Google Army' to be formed in parallel with succeeding units.   I don't know how this new model army will lend strategic or tactical advantage but I follow poetic hunches when I feel the need - so is the Battle Of Walkerloo.

After painstaking digital manipulation of the scanned paintings a 'Provisional Google Hussar' pretend historic unit was hastily composed, printed, cut out and sent in to action.   The paper soldiers were mounted and hand made in the St.Aubin-sur-mer art gallery solo-show of longtime Walkerloo ally Artiste-Ouvrier.  This construction was witnessed by the visiting public. The photos below were taken of the top secret objective reconnaissance mission that was executed elsewhere in Normandy later that day. 

They show a Walkerloo veteran French general and British Artillery officer inspecting objectives escorted by the freshly made Provisional You-Walkerloo Google hussars.  Do you see what I see?

Making the Google troops involved time consuming digital subdivision of the scanned paintings.  But once the virtual levels are done making further use of the manipulations has gifted this Hussar Print-fantry Unit 5 historic variations to complement the 2 new pretend ones - all are ready for real pretend action!

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