Thursday, 25 July 2019

On Maneuvers

Elite You-Walkerloo portrait soldiers  pictured on manoeuvres in the garden in training for a secret mission.  This is the first time Google Panto Horse corporate beasts have been seen tamed and ridden. If one is making obscure models of the world in the world for wider effect and your black cat wants in I believe one should prosper by it - all pictures are a kind of magic.   

These paper soldiers are hand made portrait troopers (1:27 lucky number scale).  I'm portrayed in the civi-clothed pointer. A paper soldier constructed from a painting made from the photo of me pretending to be a soldier for my real toy soldier army (used as the tone/expression model for the British General in my original [2008] and the subsequent Russian [2012] Waterloo Walkerloo paper soldier productions).   Our Davey leads the charge of  Napoleon's Polish Guard Lancer troopers which includes a niece, a nephew, a sister-in-law, an auntie and a good friend.  For realism some had to be moustached.

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